At Integrated Hypnotic Coaching we offer the approach that combines “conscious” and “subconscious” in order to set our clients up for their ultimate success.

We offer smoking cessation, weight loss & management and stress-reduction. We are the only therapeutic approach that offers clients 100% satisfaction guarantee or their money back.

You will no longer smoke after undergoing our therapeutic approach.

You will no longer gain weight due to emotional eating after undergoing therapeutic approach.

You will no longer live with a life of stress after undergoing our therapeutic approach.

That is the Integrated Hypnotic Coaching promise!


Weight Control

Are you ready to throw away “weight-loss” limitations?

At Integrated Hypnotic Coaching we believe in YOU! We know you are ready to replace “limited” ideas with Powerful Beliefs? You want to enjoy a life free of emotional eating and improve your quality of life. You have the POWER to create the future you deserve. Lets start today….


Smoking Cessation

You can become a Non-Smoker….Today!

Integrated Hypnotic Coaching assist clients in becoming non-smokers. We take our clients from a place of “limited belief” and “dependence” to a place of freedom. You will no longer need ashtrays, lighters and excuses. Instead, we reconnect to a time when you were a non-smoker.



Is stress impacting your life?

Integrated Hypnotic Coaching understands the dynamic of stress. We believe that building healthy responses is the only way to permanently lower stress without exogenous substances. Stressful situations are an invariable feature of life, how we respond determines the overall health of our lives. Learn more…Now